Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to some of the*frequently asked questions that we hear most often at the Children’s Center of Brighton.  You should also feel free to call us at (585) 442-7400 at any time.

Child Care Building (CCB1)

Older Preschool, Kindergarten,
and School Age Building (CCB2)

fax 585-256-5956

Is the Center licensed by the State of New York?

Yes, The Children’s Center is licensed under the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. In addition, the Center is accredited by Pathways National Early Education and Care Accreditation.

Are parents encouraged to visit the Center and participate with their child?

Yes, parents are welcome and encouraged to visit their child and participate in his/her day at any time.

How is safety and security monitored at the Center?

We use a confidential door code system for enrolled families and staff employed at the Center. If someone other than a parent is picking up a child, pre-authorization is necessary; the Center must be notified on the specific day, and the alternate pick up person must bring a photo ID and receive approval from the front desk.

In addition, each age cluster has its own supervisor whose primary responsibility is to maintain the safety of the children, guide staff and offer assistance as needed.

How are the toys disinfected?

Equipment and toys are disinfected as they are used, if mouthed by the children and at the end of each day with a hospital grade disinfecting solution.

Is there a full time nurse on staff at the Center?

Yes, The Children’s Center of Brighton has a nurse on staff, full time. Our nurse dispenses all medications, cares for bumps and bruises, tracks illnesses at the Center, provides health training to staff, tracks child immunizations. In addition, the nurse cares for moderately ill children in our Special Health Care Unit. In addition, our administrative staff is MAT certified.

What is the ratio of caregiver to child at the Center?

The caregiver to child ratio at CCB permits considerable personal attention. The ratio varies by the age of the children in the classroom:

  • Infants 1:4
  • Toddlers 1:5
  • 3 Year Olds 1:7
  • 4 Year Olds 1:8
  • 5-10 Year Olds 1:10

Do the caregivers participate in on going training programs?

Yes, our caregivers attend mandatory Teacher In-service Training days twice a year to continue to learn more about children’s growth and development, the field of early childhood education, and other child related topics. They are required, by New York State law, to participate in a minimum of 15 hours of professional growth each year.

Will area elementary schools provide busing for school-age children to and from the Center?

Yes, children attending the Brighton School District may be bused to and from the Center. Parents must contact the District Transportation Department to arrange for bus transportation. Other school districts will consider busing at parent request.

Does CCB enroll children on a part-time basis?

Yes, at CCB we are committed to meeting the needs of the families we serve. You may enroll your child part time (less than 4 days a week) with a consistent, regular schedule.

How does the Center accommodate children with allergies and special needs?

Our food service program is able to provide dietary alternatives which are substituted to accommodate allergies or restrictions. In addition, CCB works closely with a variety of organizations to provide youngsters with support needed to meet their special needs.

How does the Center select & hire staff?

Staff, at the Children’s Center, undergo a rigorous interview process. Initially, interested employees are screened, by phone, for experience and degree qualifications. Potential employees are then extensively interviewed in a formal question/answer format. Interested individuals, who share CCB’s philosophy, are asked to join us for a ½ day participation experience. This gives both the Center and the prospective employee an opportunity for an authentic look at each other.

References are checked, fingerprinting for criminal records is completed, and NY State Child Abuse Registry Screening and Staff Exclusion List (SEL) is done.

Monthly, on going staff feedback and reviews add to our opportunity to secure the best possible staff to care for your children.

On what days is The Children’s Center closed?

  • Legal holidays (8 per year)
  • In-service Teacher Training Days (2 per year)
  • One week Shut Down (Last Week of August- coincides with an In- Service Training Day and Labor Day)

Does the Center close for snow days?

The Center only closes in the most severe weather conditions.  Notification of snow days is broadcast on WHAM radio (1180 AM), 13WHAM-TV and the Democrat and Chronicle’s web site. You may also sign up for our Emergency Texting Service. Contact the Business Office for information.

The Children’s Center of Brighton is licensed by the State of New York,