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At the end of each month, CCB likes to wrap up the past, and look forward to the future. Every Newsletter contains a summary of the months events, reminders from the Center, dates to mark on your calendar (which can also be found here), a note from the Nurse, interesting facts about the Center, and a recipe from our menu.

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December 28, 2020 Newsletter

“Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
Since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

This couldn’t be truer for December 2020. I hope that you all had safe plans for this holiday season. I recognize that for many of us, our celebrations have been or will be quite different for us and for our children. And while we are remaking our celebrations for this year, continue to remind yourself that what is most significant to our children is memory making and your time. The traditions that we create at a young age are surprisingly significant. Even the smallest can stand out as our children grow older, so don’t underestimate what you continue to share with your children, even if it isn’t the “full” experience that you previously had.
December. WOW. What has happened to 2020?
This December brought our community together in a number of ways.
We created a CCB recipe book. This was emailed to you. We hope that you enjoy some of the treats that your extended CCB family enjoys. On these cold wintry days, it is always fun to try something new.
PJ day is always a huge success. What could be better than rolling out of bed and right into CCB. We all enjoyed warm snuggles and cuddles as we cozied up in our warmest flannels. Our teachers requested PJ day on a more regular basis! I even interviewed two prospective employees in my PJs. As an early childhood educator, you can get away with this 
On 12/17 we practiced a lockdown drill. This is one of the safety drills that we want the children to become familiar with in the unlikely event that a threat enters our buildings. It was eerily dark and quiet in our building as the teachers helped the children gather in an uneasily seen space, locking the classroom doors and speaking in whispers.
Our indoor fall Grateful trees have dropped their leaves and are now being covered in beautiful winter snowflakes. If you haven’t already decorated a snowflake, with your child, for one of our trees please do so. We are enjoying the changing of the seasons indoors!
A joyous holiday season to each of you. We have certainly had quite a 2020. My wish for 2021 is that you should enjoy simple and easy days and stress free hours of fun with family and friends.
Stay healthy and safe!

New and Good
We have installed heaters in front foyers so we can stay toasty this winter.
In January, we will open our last remaining infant room, 2B. We greatly look forward to welcoming our youngest infants to CCB.
To maintain safety and our community’s wellness, we will be presenting our full day Kindergarten prospective parent’s meeting virtually.
If you are a TO BE parent of a Kindergarten child in the 2021-2022 year, please check your email after the New Year, for information to learn about our amazing Kindergarten program.

COVID Update
Thank you all for your continued diligence in communicating any symptoms to the Center or Nurse Jess. We have successfully navigated our 9th month during this pandemic. SO much of this has to do with all of you. With all of us working together, we are able to have a loving and safe place for you children to spend their days. I couldn’t be more proud of our collaboration.
When we have to navigate a possible COVID case, we all become a bit heightened in our level of stress. While wanting to protect everyone’s privacy, we do want to be able to reassure you and staff should there be information that be helpful. We will never breach confidentiality, however, we will give information to reassure where this seems appropriate.

With the weather getting colder, it is tempting to keep you cars running as you pick up your child(ren). Please DO NOT. A running car is not a safe situation for any of us.
PLEASE use our website to access the weekly menu, childcare forms, monthly calendar of events and newsletters.

You can write a review about your CCB experience on GOOGLE MAPS.
While we have been very fortunate to have been able to maintain close to our enrollment capacity during this pandemic, I don’t take this at all for granted. I believe that once we get through the next few months, families will be ready to think about the possibility of a group care situation again! It has been so helpful, in the past, for families to be able to read your reviews. There is nothing of greater importance and reassurance than to read and hear from our CCB families that we are meeting your and your child’s needs, and when we fall short that we do our absolute best to make necessary changes. Your voice is welcome and appreciated.

Nurse’s Note
A continued thank you for everything you are doing to help communicate any illnesses in your family to me.
Aside from the typical winter sniffles (that are being checked out) CCB is healthy.

December 2020 Newsletter

Dear Families,

November rolled around so quickly.  We have been busy here at CCB, but that seems to be a common theme as life with over 200 children tends to lend itself to busy…happy busy…silly busy…loving busy…creative busy…TLC busy… We’ve got it all covered.

Highlights for November:

Parent Teacher Conference Day

When I do training with my teachers to get ready for parent/teacher conferences, one of the things that I stress is that their job is to paint a picture of your child during the time that you are at work.  I also let them know that it will be true that parents are nervous, just as staff is nervous.   I witnessed this first hand as you came in for your conferences; I also witnessed firsthand that you and staff left feeling satisfied, comfortable and with a new understanding.  We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy days to spend some adult time with us.  We are grateful for your partnership.   The next formal communication about your children will come home in the form of a milestone checklist.  We anticipate their completion toward the end of January.

Community Service

Our community service project was also a success.  Thanks to all of us, we generously donated over 10 large boxes of dry food goods to the Open Door Mission.  The recipients were so very grateful to us for our contributions.

Photo Shoot

Alec, CCB’s photographer, did his magic once again.  He took a record breaking number of images of your smiling children.  His patience and time are apparent in these amazing photos.

Grateful Trees

Our grateful trees are growing each and every day.  There is so much to be grateful for and our families and staff are expressing this as we add to our trees.  It is fun to read and reread your sentiments.  These are important messages to convey to the children.  Gratitude is a tough concept for children as everything about their little person is to be about themselves.  We have found that these small gestures, over time, build and set valuable lessons in extending kindnesses to a wider range of people.  Thank you for participating.


Travel Restrictions:   During this holiday season, please adhere to the new COVID-19 travel restrictions for NY State.  I am attaching the most recent documents to this newsletter for your review.  It is critical that   EVERYONE does their part in not only keeping your individual families safe, but keeping our entire CCB Community of parents, children and staff safe.  When we do this, we will be in a much better position to provide continuous care during this time of increased COVID cases.

Mesh Bags:    We always go outside and will use our great outdoor spaces even more during the upcoming months.  Children in the 2’s and up rooms have been provide with mesh bags.  Please put all of your children’s outerwear (except boots) in these bags to facilitate dressing and undressing for outside.


Dec. 1 – 11          CCB RECIPE SHARE:  Since we cannot feat together at this time, help us to create a CCB family recipe book.  Send us your favorite holiday recipe, with perhaps a photo, and we will put it into a CCB recipe share book.

Dec. 8                      PJ Day:  What better way to spend a day than lounging and playing in our PJs.  No need to get your child dresses.  Roll out of bed and come to CCB snuggly and warm.

Dec. 13-18           Snow Flake decorating:  Help your child decorate a snowflake.  We will change our autumn grateful trees into winter wonderlands.

Dec. 24,25           CCB CLOSED

Dec. 31                 4 PM closing for New Year’s Eve

Jan. 1                     CCB CLOSED


Look at what we have added to our safety standards:

  • iWAVE Ion Air Purification System has been added to our hospital-grade HVAC System.  This system uses BI-Polar ionization to break down passing allergens, pathogens and pollutants into harmless compounds.
  • Touch-less hand sanitizing units throughout the building and outside of each classroom.
  • Separate entrance and exit routes at CCB2.
  • Our children 3 years old and older are all wearing masks.  They are doing amazing.  They have easily adapted to this addition.


  • Touch-less security system which will grant access to the building through face recognition technology and automated temperature checks and mask wearing.
  • CCB1 entrance/exit doors will be created with a removable canvas divider.

  Our updated and complete approach to keeping CCB safe during COVID-19 can be found on our website.

I am wishing you a Thanksgiving celebration that has all of the best components.  While this actual day may look different than in years past, the sentiment of the day will never change.  I continue to be grateful for the work I am allowed to do, for the families for which we are able to provide care and to my wonderful staff who never cease to amaze me with their positive spirit and joy in their work. 

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.

Recipe of the Month

CCB’s Famous Turkey Meatloaf  (a most loved lunch)

1 ½ lbs. ground turkey

¼ C ketchup

Salt and pepper to taste

½ C seasoned breadcrumbs

1 egg

½ C tomato sauce

Mix all ingredients, except tomato sauce)  together.  Top with tomato sauce.  Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

Quote of the month 

“From the very beginning of his/her education, the child should experience the joy of discovery.”  ~ Alfred North Whitehead  (British Mathematician and Philosopher)

November Newsletter

Message from Susan

Dear Families,
October certainly came and went quickly. Hard to believe we are moving into late fall already. What an amazing autumn we have had. We have appreciated the crisp, clean air of this season and those odd and glorious days that have reminded us of summertime. In preparation for the colder days, we are of firm belief that “there is no bad weather…just bad clothing!” And so we ask that you consider this as you bring your child to CCB. Please be sure that outerwear is “good” clothing, appropriate for the outdoors. Especially during this pandemic, getting outside will play a huge part in our program.
With this in mind, we are ready to receive the garb that cold weather brings. We will be outfitting each of you with a mesh bag that can be used to store all outwear with the exception of boots. Mesh bags will be arriving in your child’s outside cubby sometime next week. There are many advantages of storing your child’s outerwear in these bags…things do not get lost as easily, children can be more independent as all of their items are together, teachers can better keep track of outer clothing, bags can be used to transport outerwear to and from CCB…the list goes on and on. So please help us and your child by “stuffing” outerwear in bags each morning.
October brought members of the community to our school. Not only did we enjoy visits from folks outside the community, we also got to know Nurse Jess better as she visited each of our rooms to teach us about staying healthy. Our mounted deputy friend, Deputy Merle, and his beautiful horse were the hit of the week.
Our pumpkin patch will grow this year, overnight, so that you and your child can enjoy picking a pumpkin in celebration of fall. Remember to wear orange on Thursday!
We have started parent teacher conferences; these will go into mid-November. We recognize that taking time out of your busy work day, to meet with your child’s teacher, may be difficult and we greatly appreciate this opportunity to spend time with you. We have always found that these meetings have provided such benefit for you and for us. If you have yet to schedule a conference, and wish to do so, please reach out to your child’s coordinator.

Looking Ahead
There is much to be thankful for. It is easy to overlook this as we move through our days and as we are faced with the stresses of work, distancing, disappointments, and worry. Our children certainly take their cues from us, and when we celebrate, they do to. So take a moment and think about something that you are thankful for. Complete a fall leaf by decorating it and writing what you as a family or individually are thankful for. Add it to our thankful trees in the entrance ways of both buildings. Leaf outlines are located in your child’s classroom and attached for printing to this email. What are YOU thankful for?


November 11th Individual photos: Alec will be here to take individual photos of your children if you wish. All orders will be delivered before the holidays. Order forms will be available in the front office and in your child’s cubby.

November 17-19th Community Service Project: Each year we strive to teach the children about giving back and we will do this again this year. Project TBA

November 23rd Lockdown Drill: We practice several safety drills throughout the year. The final drill to introduce the children to is Lockdown. This drill would be used in the unforeseen event that there is a threat who enters our buildings. This drill is the most talked about at home. It has us locked into our classrooms, quiet, darkened. We will let you know when this drill has been complete so that you can anticipate some questions or dinner discussion.

November 11, 25th: SAP day

November 13, 18th: Early release days for school age

November 26, 27: CCB closed for Thanksgiving

New and Good

We are very aware that with the colder weather approaching, the bottleneck in the entrance ways will become more inconvenient and time consuming. We are exploring touch-less options for our front entrance way security. We are also exploring outside enclosure/awning ideas to help keep you warmer and drier during wait times. I will hope to have some concrete options to consider and move forward with over the next few weeks. In the meantime, thank you for being steadfast and patient in waiting.
You can now order CCB wear directly from Red Zone.
The website is Have fun!


~On November 2nd, the CCB child mask wearing adventure begins (children in rooms 3D – 3G, and CCB2)
~For your child’s safety, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN IN A RUNNING VEHICLE. We are happy to assist you if you need a member of CCB to stand by your vehicle as you are dropping off or picking up to avoid this unnecessary risk of leaving a child unattended.
~Touch points are a great way to transmit germs. We are doing everything we can to disinfect commonly touched surfaces throughout the day. Your help is necessary for the safety of all. Please remember to sanitize hands and the keypad itself before and after using the keypad as part of your CCB entrance practice.

Recipe of the Month

Blueberry Bread
 4 cups milk
 4 eggs
 1 ½ cups oil
 8 cups flour
 8 tsp baking powder
 4 cups sugar
 2 cups blueberries
Grease and flour an 8×8 or 9×9 baking dish. Mix wet ingredients in one bowl, dry ingredients in a second bowl. Add wet to dry. Mix until just combined. Bake at 325 for 20-25 minutes and enjoy!

October Newsletter


Fall is definitely in the air. The leaves are changing color and showering us with their autumn beauty. We are having fun enjoying our outdoor spaces but need to be kept warm on those cold mornings that we are bumping into. Jackets and hats are welcome. Be sure to label them with your child’s name.
This was a big month for transitions at CCB. Our Kindergarten and school age programs started. The younger children have been super excited to see the school buses as they arrive to drop off and pick up CCB children.
We have made transition phone calls to you to share how your child’s CCB beginning has been. Many of you had specific questions that we hope were answered. We were able to share a bit about the transition and are so pleased to share, at this time, that we have gotten over the beginning of the program year hump, have fallen into good routines and are growing more secure in our bonds each and every day. This call was just the start. Much more communication will come your way as we move forward during this year.
One of those communication pieces came as a virtual Open House. We are all adapting, and we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity for you to participate in CCB’s Open House experience. We hope you had a chance to view your virtual Open House. I am quite sure that you learned a whole lot about what your child does during the hours that you are at work. A big thank you to the classroom teachers for putting together this experience and a HUGE thank you to Marie, one of peer coaches, for being the organizer and implementer of this project.
We will be communicating with you during parent/teacher conference time. Next week, you will notice a conference sign up form will be posted on the parent board indicating the day(s) that conferences will be held for your classroom. We urge you to sign up for a conference. This is 20 minutes well spent. Our teachers will share developmental milestones with you and examples of these that they have notated over the past several months. This is a great opportunity to connect with the teachers in a space outside of the classroom. You will be amazed at how much you will learn specifically about your child in the environment. So be on the lookout!
As we move into October, our experiences will reflect the changing seasons. We will be exploring different animals, harvest foods, nature changes, etc. You can look forward to some great new art experiences, as Art Barb has begun her specialist program and humming some new songs, as Makaily will begin her music program at the end of this week.

We have new faces at CCB. Please join me in welcoming these new classroom teachers and floater teachers:
Stephanie 1C
Katina 1B
Marissa Friendship Room
Ally 3B
Riley K-2
Cailey Floater teacher

Our youngest cluster is growing. We will open classroom 1B on Monday, October 5th with our littlest infants. This classroom will care for a few new to CCB families and many siblings of current CCB kiddos.
Classroom 2B has moved into 2C along with Amy and Michelle, the teachers. These very mobile infants are enjoying their larger space and are doing great with the transition to their new classroom.

As the weather is changing, please be sure your child has appropriate outside clothing. Early morning playground time can be a bit chilly!

Thank you for your continued diligence in checking yourselves and your child prior to arriving at CCB. All of our efforts are helping to keep our community healthy and safe.
As we are moving into the holiday season, please reference the DOH COVID quarantined states if you are traveling to visit family over these next months. The DOH site is updated frequently and is a great source to access.

The weather is changing. Please be sure that your children are outfitted with proper spare clothing for indoors and appropriate outerwear to be able to enjoy our great outdoors.
CCB FLU clinic will be held on October 19th. Information on signing up for your flu shot has been emailed to you.
All update immunization records can be given to Janet, in the main office, who will process and record them. It is helpful to receive a copy of this record each time you child is administered a vaccination.


October 9, 12: SAP days
These are days that our school age children are with us all day and we don’t have to be online to do “school.” We can just enjoy each other. 🙂
October 12-16: Community Helper Focus Week
We will learn about how so many people in our community help us. We will learn about the many people who help to make our community a great place.

October 19: Flu Clinic Flu Clinic Poster
October 26 – Nov. 13: Parent/Teacher conferences
Your child’s teacher has been collecting examples and anecdotes of the milestones in your child’s development. Parent/Teacher conference time gives us the opportunity to share these with you, outside of the classroom. Sign-ups will be available soon
October 29: Orange Day and CCB Pumpkin Patch
Help us celebrate the autumn by wearing Orange and stopping in our pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin.

Nurse’s Note

I have been interviewing prospective LPN candidates. We are in our ending stages of the interview process with our top candidates. We will be making our final decision by the end of this week and will look forward to announcing CCB’s newest nurse to you very soon.


FLUBBER (non-edible)

Mix in a bowl:
1 cup Elmer’s glue
¾ cup water
Food coloring or watercolor
Mix in another bowl:
½ cup Water
1-2 Teaspoons of Borax
Pour both bowls into one bowl and mix. Watch the magic

July 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents

We are off to a great start.  Your kiddos are adjusting well to their new routines, classrooms, and teachers.  It always amazes me how seamlessly this goes, minus a few tears!  I have to commend all of you for sticking with us through thick and thin.  We are making this work TOGETHER, and in large part, it is because of the great families we have and your investment in the care and communication around the children.  Our staff has felt very supported and appreciated.

So much of our day is what we love to do with your children and are proud to offer to them.   These are the moments we wait for and are easy.   Many things have had to change, however, due to our current COVID world.  Our staff have embraced these adaptations, new practices, and procedures like champs.

Shining through is great interactions with your children, fun times together, strong bonds already forming and a whole new appreciation for what we CAN count on – your kids being amazing, in a world where so much is changing.  We are grateful.

Director News

I will be communicating monthly to you via my “Director’s News.”  I hope to lighten up the frequency of receiving CCB emails from me, by resuming a monthly newsletter.  Of course, as important things arise, I will continue to reach out to you mid newsletter should there be a need.

Lesson Plans

We will be starting lesson planning next week.  We feel that we have learned about your children and the dynamics of our groups to be able to prepare a routine of the day and support it with our developmental curriculum and concept continuum.  You will see lesson plans posted in the classrooms beginning in August.

Week in Review

We will also begin sending you (each Friday or Monday) your classroom’s “Week in Review.”  This will highlight some of the cool things that we have experienced with your children.  Please keep us up to date on any email address changes that your family has made so that you do not miss any communication.

Camp Kids Power

Our summer camp has been really great this year. We’ve shared these theme weeks so far:

CKP Spirit Week, Won’t you be my Neighbor, There is no Planet B and CCB Olympic Style

The highlights, by far, have been a visit to Rita’s (our plaza neighbor) and our hike to Buckland Park.

We have had the greatest summer for lots of outdoor time and good old-fashioned camp fun!

School Age Program

For the 2020-2021 school year (September – June), we will be offering a full day Kindergarten program to those families enrolled in our K-WRAP program.  Our School Age Program will be offered first to staff’s children and priority given to siblings next.

These drastic changes were made with great deliberation.  I know that these changes affect many of you and are inconvenient.  I am regretful; unfortunately, with the hybrid and distance learning model that most school districts are adapting, we do not feel equipped in space, safety, or scheduling to provide a program which compliments the district’s plan.

We are hoping to see all our school age children back with us in 2021-2022.

Nurse’s News

Melissa, our new nurse, is a positive presence at CCB.  She has quickly learned the CCB way and is doing a great job.  I am sure that you have had some contact with Melissa over this past month.  Melissa is getting to know your children.  For most of the month of August, Melissa is needed out of state to help with a family matter.  The administrative team and Janet, all MAT trained to provide back- up nursing, will take turns covering in Melissa’s absence. 


Congratulations to Jessica Sprague in the Business Office. Jessica has worked tirelessly with us to navigate the financial pieces surrounding changes in tuition due to COVID.  Jessica has earned her new title as Accounts Manager, with dignity and tenacity.

Thank you, Jess for all you do!

Congratulations and welcome to Mandy Palmer and Megan Pray, who have been hired as CCB’s Business Office Administrative Assistants and join Eva Mealer, our Business Office Coordinator, and Jess in rounding out our Business office. 

COVID Update

In a previous email I communicated that you would be made aware if there was a positive COVID case at CCB.  I wanted to elaborate on what is meant by “a positive COVID case”.  A positive COVID case will be communicated to you IF it results in exposure at the center.  I am expecting to have to navigate this at some point.  I wish that we could be immune, however, given what is occurring, I am also realistic. 

The number one way in which we can all help to reduce risk of exposure is to continue to be diligent in our social distancing practices, both in and out of the Center; to continue to be conscientious in our cleaning, handwashing and disinfecting efforts; to honor the self – screening we have asked you to perform on yourselves and your child, and to keep detailed records of contact.

So that we may be as precise as possible for contact tracing purposes, we will begin using a new parent sign in and out form on Monday, August 3rd.  This form mimics our old form almost exactly with a few additions: (See screen shot of this new form attached)

  • First box:  check off that drop off person AND child have done the COVID self – screen
    • Sign in AND out at drop off time (indicates how long drop off person is in the room)
    • Second box:  check off that pick up person has done the self – screen
    • Sign in AND out at pick up time (indicates how long pick up person is in the room)

Please continue to leave us a daily phone number.

We have also developed a staff tracking form.  All staff in and out of the classrooms will be asked to sign in and out on this form and indicate completing the COVID self – screen.

If you have not yet returned the COVID self – screen attestation, please do so.  If we have not received it from you, please expect to stop in the front office to answer screening questions and have your temperature taken at all drop off and pick up times.

Our COVID-19 Practices have been updated as things have changed since their initial distribution to you.  See attached for most updated practices.

New Sign In/Out sheets are located in your child’s room

February Newsletter

What a great month we have had.  Some of the highlights have included sharing our CCB spirit during Spirit Week, Jackson Pollack week with Art Barb, International Pancake Day and our first ever, leap year dance party.

Just a bit more about spirit week…

Our friends at the Gables were delighted when I arrived with a whole box full of homemade valentine cards.  This is a CCB traditions to “share the love” and it sure was this year.  We had sprinkles and doilies and pop ups and finger-painted and sticker cards all created to give back to our community.  I am confident that for many of the residents at the Gables, this not only brought a smile to their face, but flooded them with memories of yesteryears.

We finally had some perfect packing snow where we were able to create snow creations; we even sprayed them different colors.  Over the days that followed, we were able to watch them melt as we were tempted with springtime temperatures.

We explored the many shades of Red on Red day.  We had bright red, light pink, dark pink, magenta, maroon and a whole variety of LOVELY outfits which were fun to wear as we reinforced our understanding of redness!

Mark, our feature teacher, shared his clowning around talents and showed us how to juggle.  He even taught the older children some juggling history and technique.

Preview Night

Our annual preview night was an opportunity to learn more about your child’s upcoming program straight from our teachers, Jenny, Caitlin, Shelby and Amanda.  Each teacher shared highlights about the next steps in our program, curriculum and environment. As we grow and change, so does the exploration and exposure that your children have to new concepts and developmental area focusses. Thank you to those of you who attended and to our presenters. I want to recap just a few things from that night that were highlights from the teacher presenters:

Jenny (representing the infant cluster)

 “We meet your child’s primary needs, based upon their own schedules.  We use teachable moments as they arise throughout the day.  We are the foundation for growing your infant’s brain.  We are honored to not only work with your baby but to bond with your whole family.”

Caitlin (representing the toddler cluster)

“At this age when children are more mobile and language is developing, our focus is on independence and social awareness. We help the children with many transitions: crib to cot, bottles to sippy cups, hands to utensils for eating. We build on infant concepts and explore concepts through themes.  Our environment is intentionally planned to support the growth of your toddler.”

Shelby (representing the young preschool cluster)

”Some of the highlights in this cluster include focusing on social emotional needs.  We work on problem solving, taking turns, and negotiating.  We model empathy.  We try to give the children to right words to help express their emotions.  We are facilitators in children’s learning and developing independence and choice making.”

Amanda (representing the older preschool cluster)

 “Our unifying focus is language development.  Social emotional development is at the foundation of all that we do.  At this age we continue to facilitate and scaffold children’s social understanding as we can really begin to understand how everyone has different experiences, opinions, ideas and beliefs.”

There is SO much involved in loving and educating your children.  CCB’s progression is a continuum with attention to appropriately challenging your children while being mindful of individual temperaments and needs. 


I am pleased to report that YOU have all been so very responsible and have returned your reenrollment in a timely fashion.  Thank you.  There are a handful of families who we have still to hear from, but I am pleased to share that almost all of our friends will be joining us for another amazing CCB year.  We take your decision to reenroll as confidence that your child has enjoyed his/her time with us as much as we have enjoyed spending it together.  It is a great tribute to the work we do and the partnership that we have with you to have so many returning families.

I was able to call back some families on our waiting list and offer them opportunities to enroll.  They are eager to join our family.

In-service Day

On February 7th CCB staff spent the entire day learning together.  We explored the very important and meaningful topic of Social-Emotional Wellness in Young Children.  We worked with Megan Smith, Infant Mental Health Specialist and her team.  The training was so well received that staff have requested Megan present to all of you.  I am working on this and am hoping to secure her for an upcoming Partnering with Parents series of presentations, to culminate our 2019-2020 year.  Be on the lookout for upcoming information. 

I have attached a handout that we received to this newsletter.  It is about building attachment and its importance to your child’s emotional wellness.  I hope you find it useful.

Survey Responses

We sent out a satisfaction survey to all of you a few months ago.  From the feedback that we received we have made some changes and will be exploring others.

Some of you indicated that the parking lot is unsafe at high traffic times.  I have placed additional stop signs at the cross walk which should facilitate you getting safely to your cars.  Once the weather is consistently warmer, we will add a painted parking lot crosswalk that will also help keep us all safe.

We have asked staff to be more specific in the week in review on what will happen “next week” so that you may speak to your children ahead of time in anticipation, rather than after the week has closed.

Request for more in depth and diverse articles will be included with the newsletter.  This will start this month with the article about bonding.

Improvements in our communication from the business office are always on our mind as we make a conscious effort to answer your questions and be available to you when there is a need.

Thank you for your help in making CCB such a great community. Your input means a lot to all of us.

I recently received an email from one of our parents expressing some frustration with illness in the Center.  I asked if I had permission to share parts of the email in my newsletter.  From her email:

” in the past few months I have noticed children in XXXX room repetitively very sick and obviously symptomatic.  This situation resulted in XXXX becoming sick…the infection was spread to me which has resulted in me having to be hospitalized over the weekend….  When we came to CCB a huge plus in our minds was the special health care unit.  If parents were in a pinch their child could go there and not put other children at risk and receive a little extra TLC.  I do not feel that this is happening.  My husband and I feel that this needs to be a partnership between everyone to keep communicable diseases at bay.”

Child care and wintertime presents an increase of illness in our communityL  CCB is proud to have a nurse and nursing services available to you to help curtail the spread of germs.  Please take advantage of this when in need, to help all of our families stay well.

OCFS recently sent us a communication about coronavirus and guidelines for child care. I have attached that communication.

CCB’s new flooring is almost completely installed.  This project has taken some twists and turns, but at its completion, the end results are lovely.   Thank you for your patience as the Center underwent this change.

Our founders, Beverly and Marv Malowitz, after 60 + years of providing child care to the Brighton community have decided to “retire.”  Do you ever fully retire from your lifetime passion and work?  For Bev and Marv, my parents, the answer is NO.  “Retirement” for them simply means that we won’t be seeing as much of them, although they are always asking and interested in what is going on at the Center and will continue to provide us with their mentorship.

5-Ingredient Chicken Enchiladas

1 can enchilada sauce

2 cups shredded cooked chicken

1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced

8 flour tortillas

1 bag (8oz) shredded Mexican cheese blend

Preheat oven to 400F degrees

Pour ¼ of the enchilada sauce into a 13×9” baking dish. Divide the chicken and red bell pepper evenly among the tortillas. Add 1-2 TB of the cheese and 1TB of the sauce to each tortilla and roll up.  Place rolled tortillas, seam side down in the pan. Pour remaining sauce over the tortillas and top with remaining cheese.

Bake at 400F for 15-20 min or until the cheese starts to bubble. Let stand 2-3 min before serving.     

January Newsletter

January 2020, WOW! A whole new year and a whole new decade.  I hope that your holiday celebrations were lovely, and that this year is beginning with a bang!  January marks the midway point in this program year.  That is very hard to believe.  I don’t know about you, but I remember way back in the summer when your children returned from vacation and we were all beginning our adjustment.

We can use this midway point for reflection and for anticipation.  We hope that the milestone checklists you received were helpful in reflecting on all that your son or daughter is capable of and on his/her growth in the past six months.  We are anticipating a momentous second half of the year as well.

Some of our biggest accomplishment come in seemingly small events like:

  • Pouring our own milk from small pitchers
  • Holding our own bottles
  • Feeding ourselves
  • Getting on our winter gear with less assistance
  • Participating in a short circle time
  • Not being scared when the “BIG” fire drill alarm goes off
  • Asking for a hug and also telling people we don’t want one

We are learning and growing each day to be our most independent, capable selves. 

Feature Teacher

Our Feature Teacher this month was Ipek and her therapy dog, Joy.  Ipek and Joy have visited CCB before and their return is always a delight and welcome.

Parent-Child Art Hour

Art Barb was able to set up some amazing art experiences for you and your children during our Parent/Child art hour.  It is easy to forget how to let ourselves go and just create.  We hope you were able to do just that, as you explored some new art medium.  Get ready… Art Barb will be once again introducing the children to Jackson Pollack and his fling painting.  This is always a huge hit.  Stop by the Garden Room to see what this is all about.

Kindergarten & Wrap Info Meeting

We have completed our information meeting for our full day and WRAP around Kindergarten programs.  Many families attended these meetings.  For those of you who were not able to, please feel free to reach out to get the information, and for those of you who may not have been aware, we do have a private full day Kindergarten program and after school care for children through grade 5.  For so many families, we have a 10-year history.  Our privilege.

Outside Time

As you are aware, we go outside each day.  We have recently reviewed the guidelines for safe outdoor play by consulting with our pediatric health care consultant, Dr. Carolyn Cleary, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Based on this information we have adjusted our guidelines.  We will be taking the children outside, using a 13-degree cutoff.   Bundled up, we know your child will enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  PLEASE be mindful to have all winter outer wear at CCB every day and a special request to supply your child with mittens that are waterproof and heavy.  The thin, knit mittens are not enough cold weather protection for your child’s little hands.


An email inviting you to reenroll for the 2020-2021 program will be sent out within the next few days.  Please keep your eye out for it.  Completing this reenrollment link serves as your child’s enrollment for our next program year.  Can you believe that we are planning for this already?  We look forward to spending another year with all of you.  Your timely return of the link is important as we will be letting new families, on our waiting list, know whether we are able or not to care for their children only after we get your return…and they are anxiously awaiting my callJ

Preview Night:

To help you learn about what is next for your child as a CCB-er, we will hold our preview night on February 6th from 4:45 – 6:00PM.  A panel of veteran teachers will highlight what is focal to their work in their age group; after their share, our leadership team will answer any questions about the transition for your children, and we will close with me sharing how decisions are made for your child’s new classroom placement.  We know you will gain a lot of knowledge by attending this informational event.  Your child is able to stay in his/her current classroom until the end of the meeting…babysitting is taken care of for you.

In-service Day:

February 7th is our winter In-service Day.  All staff will participate in this professional development day.  The topic that we will delve into is Social Emotional Wellness in Young Children.  Our presenter is an infant mental health specialist.  We are looking forward to a very packed day of working and learning together. 

We know that closing the Center can be an inconvenience for you, and we thank you dearly for this opportunity.  These days always prove to be much more that their actual focus topics.  The connections that we gain from time with a variety of coworkers is invaluable. We are hoping to be able to extend this topic to all of you in a Partnering with Parents series.  More info to follow on that!

** We have been experiencing RSV, an upper respiratory illness.

** Please communicate with Isa, when your child is staying home due to illness.  We are interested in how your child is doing and we want to track contagious illness in the Center.

CCB Flu Policy

After much consulting with CCB’s pediatric consultant, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Center for Disease Control and medical professionals, we have designed a policy for inclusion and exclusion of children with the flu.

The goal of this policy is to keep the spread of the flu to a minimum, reducing exposure to our population where this illness can be potentially dangerous to children in the early childhood community AND not put and undue burden on families to find alternative care.

Based upon these guidelines and recommendations, your child will be excluded from the classroom with flu like symptoms and fevers exceeding 101 degrees.  He/she may return to CCB 5 – 7 days from symptom onset, fever-free and un- medicated, for 24 hours and able to participate with his/her typical temperament.

Thank you for your understanding in helping to keep our school as flu free as possible.

** You can now order CCB wear online during the month of February!  Red Zone does printing for all our CCB wear.  Feel free to explore what is offered.  Orders are sent directly to Tim, at Red Zone, and he will ship them to us; we will communicate to you that they have arrived, and you will be able to pick them up right at the Center. Ordering will begin with February and may be extended for limited times throughout the year so be on the lookout! Here is the link to order your CCB wear:

** Some recalls have been issued recently regarding sleepers. See the link below:

You can also find the order form link and recall info on our website.

Broccoli Tots

1 10 oz. bag frozen broccoli, thawed and patted dry

2 large eggs, beaten

1 C. panko bread crumbs

1 ½ C. shredded cheddar cheese

½ C. grated parmesan cheese

¼ tsp. garlic powder

Kosher salt

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Brush a rimmed baking sheet with oil and line with parchment paper.  Brush parchment with oil. Pat broccoli dry and very finely chop broccoli or pulse in a food processor until finely chopped. Scrape chopped broccoli into a medium bowl and stir in eggs. Scoop 1 TBSP> broccoli mixture and press into a tater tot shape using lightly dampened hands.  Transfer to prepared baking sheet.  Continue with remaining mixture. Bake, turning once, until golden and crispy, about 20 minutes.  Remove from oven.

December Newsletter

Dear CCB Families,

I hope you have all had lovely celebrations with family and friends during this holiday season.  I know that many of you traveled or had folks travel to get to you, and my wish is that you went and returned safely and a few pounds heavier!  I know this was true for me and my family.

This December, my family’s holiday traditions, had to change.  Many life circumstances caused this.  The recent death of my mother in law, the recent surgeries of my parents, the recent wedding engagements of both of my children.  I was anticipating that the changes, the reorganization, the celebrations on alternate days would not be “the same.”  And as a traditionalist, I was concerned about whether this holiday season would feel as lovely as the holidays usually are and make me feel as complete as I usually do during this season.

Much to my pleasure, what I learned and realized, is that it didn’t matter what day we celebrated Chanukah on or that Christmas Eve happened on Monday instead of Tuesday or that we opened gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day, because that is when we were all together.   It didn’t even really matter that my kids had to split their time with their significant others’ families (I wasn’t even jealous).  What I learned is that we made a foundation of traditions and memories that hold my family together on whatever day we gather AND we’re still making memories…new ones as our family grows and inevitable changes occur.

So, my message to you… build traditions and spent time embracing these early years where every experience adds to traditions and traditions add to family foundation and family foundation adds to character, love, and much joy.    We rely upon these as this ensures time together … that’s what really counts.

We are moving into a new year, a new decade. 

Here at CCB we will reflect upon these past months as we plan and anticipate the next 6 months.  In doing so, we are completing you child’s developmental check list.  This checklist will be sent home to you in January.  It is based upon our observations and documentation that we have recorded over the past several months.  In June, you will receive your child’s entire developmental checklist (July 2019 – June 2020) accompanied by our observations, anecdotes and portfolio pieces.

Our special event included:

Our annual Holiday Sing a Long.  We were able to enjoy singing with our music specialist, Makaily, for one scheduled date and are hoping to reschedule the second Sing A Long as a New Year’s song fest.

Jessica, from the Business Office, was our feature teacher in December.  Her background is in music and she shared many instruments with all of us.  We were able to hear the different sounds of a flute, clarinet, trumpet and saxophone sound.  Our school age children even got to hear how an experienced musician, playing an instrument that they are just beginning to learn, can sound with LOTS of practice.  What a good motivator.  In January, Ipek (1A) and Joy, Ipek’s therapy puppy, will be visiting all of our CCB classrooms.

Pajama Day was a lazy day for all of us.  All of our children looked so snuggly and cozy.  Many teachers were grateful for the opportunity to also be comfy and cozy. 

Looking Ahead:

Our downstairs cluster is on the move.  To best meet our very busy and growing infants and to be able to welcome new siblings to our Center, some children from our downstairs cluster will be moving into new classrooms in January.  You can look forward to seeing our 1A,1B,1C, 2A, 2B infants in  new rooms  allowing larger spaces for exploring and growing, both indoors and outdoors.

January 7, 2020 7-8 PM : Kindergarten Prospective Parent Night:  For those of you who have children who will be 5 years of age by Dec. 15, 2020, your child is eligible for Kindergarten.  We hope that you will consider CCB’s outstanding private Kindergarten as you decide on the best K experience for you child.

January 8, 2020 4:45 – 5:30 PM:  KWRAP Prospective Parent Meeting:  CCB provides a program for your Kindergarten child before and after his/her Kindergarten day at Council Rock.  Come learn about it at this meeting.

January 15:  BLUE day

January 17:  Lock Down Drill

January 20: SAP

January 24:  Parent /Child Art Hour

Beginning in February, you will start receiving many emails from us about reenrolling your child at CCB for the 2020-2021 program year.  Please pay close attention to these emails, as we work on reenrollment beginning in February and want to include your family in ours.

February 7:  Staff Inservice Day. CCB will be closed for child care.  This is a professional growth day where all of our staff learn together. This year’s topic is Early Childhood Socio-Emotional Development.

Updated immunization records should be copied for CCB nurse. Medication order expirations have been sent out.  Please have these updated when you get these so that we can administer medications should there be a need

CCB has been working on our website.  Check out the calendar section…New and improved!

We change our specialist program schedule mid-year.  This variety of days helps us to reach ALL of our children, those who come to CCB part week and those full time.  Be on the lookout for the new schedule.

November Newsletter

I spoke with some of the children this week and asked them about what they were thankful for, a concept that is difficult for young ones to understand,  and here are some of their responses:

“pizza and mac n cheese”

“my mommy and daddy”

“my baby”


“my teachers”

“my snuggly and paci”

Here’s what I am thankful for:

A community of parents and children who share their lives with me, who enrich my days by conversation and play, and who allow me to be part of the important early years of their family. 

I am thankful for a community of caring and dedicated professionals who go the extra mile and understand the level of responsibility that caring for others’ children entails.

I am thankful for all of the moving parts of a Center and the harmony with which we hum along and the opportunity to always improve when things aren’t going so well.

I hope that you all have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday break.  Many of you may be traveling or receiving relatives, distances far and near.   As always, the people connections are the grandest part of the holidays, and I hope this was true for each of you.

November Highlights:


November culminated our Conference weeks.  We feel very fortunate to have been able to share information about your children with you.  This opportunity gives us a chance to reflect upon the growth the children have made and allow us to use this information in planning for the next several months.  Thank you for taking the time to meet with us.  Please know, that at any time, we are happy to meet with you either for an update or specifically for reasons of concern.  The next formal communication about your children will come home in the form of a milestone checklist.  We anticipate their completion toward the end of January.

                                                                                Feature Teacher

Our feature teacher this n=month was Cailtin, 2C toddler teacher.  Caitlin visit all of the classrooms.  As a teacher educated in Deaf education, she taught the younger children some signs through song and story.  Our older children worked with her on some relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

In December, our feature teacher will be Jess, from the Business Office.  Jessica’s background is in music education, and she will come with her extensive collection of musical instruments and share them with your children.

                                                                                Harvest Soup

YUM! YUM!  CCB smelled delicious all day long on Tuesday before break.  Our children were busy preparing a spectacular array of vegetable soups to share with you.  Thank you for your contributions in honor of Mother Earth, her bounty and all that we are grateful for this season—sharing and caring together.

                                                                                Diaper Party

Our school age children started off our community service project with a bangJ  Together with Beth DiCesare,   they counted and bundled 3,000 diapers in one hour flat.  We actually ran out of diapers.  What a great experience for the children to give of their time, to such a worthy cause.  Remember, we continue to collect outgrown diapers, supporting the Junior League of Rochester’s efforts to provide for Rochester’s less fortunate.  Please see the note that Beth sent me along with the photos of the newly stocked shelves, thanks to CCB!


We go outside every day.  Please be sure that your children have appropriate clothing to stay warm as they engage in the great outdoors.  CCB’s philosophy is that children well enough to be at school are well enough to participate in the days’ activities…including going outside!  We all need the fresh air.

We are missing nap blankets for your children.  Please provide us with a nap blanket (or sleep sack).  At the end of your enrollment week, we request that you take the blanket home for laundering and return it to so us the following week.   We seem to be missing blankets, and unfortunately, CCB does not have enough spares to go around.  We want your child to have a cozy, comfy rest time.  Your cooperation would be helpful.

Did you Know:

The parent Sign in and Out forms are used for MANY purposed throughout the day.   While signing in and out may seem like a small task for you in the morning, it has HUGE ramifications in so many ways.  Let me share these with you:

Signing in and out gives us an accurate account of the children in our care.  Not only is this significant for us, it is a reporting regulation to which we must adhere.

Signing in and out provides us with the best phone number to reach someone in case of a question or emergency, both of which can be very time sensitive for us.

Signing in and out clipboards are used for all safety drills, such as evacuation, shelter in place and lock down practices.  An accurate record of the children in our care is critical for us to have in all situations, but extra important in emergency situations.

Signing in and out effects your billing.  For us to do our job of billing you correctly, we need to know when your child has arrived and left us each day.   Accuracy is important as it can effect make up day/additional day charges and late fees.


Looking Ahead:

Dec. 6, 13:           SAP Early Release Days for our school age program.

Dec. 12:                PJ Day.  What better way to spend our day than lounging in our PJs? 

Dec. 16, 17:         Winter Sing –a-Long with Makaily.   Our music specialist will guide us in familiar and fun songs.  Sharing the joy of music together is a wonderful way to share the end of our day.

Dec. 24, 25:         CCB closed for Christmas Break

Dec. 31:                4:00 Closing        CCB will close at 4:00 PM

Jan. 1:                    CCB Closed         New Year’s Day

Dec. 23, 26 – 1/3:  SAP program                 4:00 close on 12/31 and closed on 1/1

Reminders have been sent to you for immunization updates and medication orders, if needed.  Please respond with the updated information if you received notification from Isa.

October Newsletter

What a beautiful October we have had.  The air was crisp and the leaves so lovely.  We are now enjoying their crinkle as we shuffle through leaves and pile them up to leap and jump, shuffle them up and do it all over again.  The simple games often become the favorites.

As the season’s change, there are a few reminders that we want to share.

The children go outside every day.  We are inside only when it is raining or the temperature is below 18 degrees…SO…please have your child ready for the fresh air by bringing appropriate outerwear each day to school.  It is not too early for mittens and hats and even boots as the early morning air can be chilly and our playgrounds can be muddy.

We are in need of spare mittens.  If you have any that your child no longer uses, please pass them along to us.  We are quite sure they will be greatly used during our colder months.

We are doing all that we can and will continue to be diligent in curbing the spread of germs during this season of illness.  Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Lots of handwashing, ours and your children’s.
  • Disinfecting toys nightly and as needed.
  • Following our guidelines for child illness exclusion (in your parent handbook)
  • Posting illnesses to which your child may have been exposed.
  • Offering a flu clinic for adults right here at CCB (hope you were able to take advantage of this on 10/23.)

Here’s what would be helpful to count on from you:

  • Communicating daily with your child’s teachers about your child’s health.
  • In addition to writing illnesses, symptoms and medication information on the My Day care sheets (for the younger children), be sure to TELL you child’s teachers.  In that way we can follow up with any questions that we may have.
  • Following the guidelines for illness exclusion (in your parent handbook).
  • Using the SHCU as necessary.
  • Adhering to the 24 symptom free, without medication, policy before having your child return to the classroom.

We know how busy and responsible you are and having an ill child can cause great inconvenience, however, as a community, we hope to be able to support one another in many ways including keeping the Center as well as possible.

October brought us a week long focus on our community.   There are times during the year when we all focus on one topic that the children can enjoy learning about together.   We were able to learn about people in our community who work hard for us all.  Mighty machines was a huge success as the Brighton Highway Dept. drove into CCB with enormous machines.  They look even mightier in person!  We never tire of seeing our friends the fire fighters and their bright red trucks.  This year, paramedics came with an ambulance.  We were able to see inside this very important vehicle, so hopefully, if we ever have to take a ride, we won’t be so scared.  We ended our community week by inviting you in to stay and play with us.  So much good connection.

Our CCB pumpkin patch was ready for the pickin’ on October 29th.  Pumpkins are abundant; this month many of us have explored the inside and outside of pumpkins and gourds.  Pumpkins help us to think of all things fall and this time of harvest.  We hope you had an opportunity to visit CCB’s pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin with your child.  Thanks for also helping us learn about the color orange as we were very aware of how orange we looked on 10/29!

At CCB, we celebrate our holidays through the lens of seasons and what is common for us, de-emphasizing the commercial aspects of the holidays.   We celebrate the holidays in ways that are meaningful and appropriate for this setting, developmental and inclusive.  With this in mind, Halloween will not be celebrated with costumes and treats.  We respectfully ask you NOT to send your children to school with costumes or treats but rather to enjoy these aspects of Halloween at home with your child. We have included a great article about Halloween, as an attachment, to this newsletter.  It’s an oldie but goodie.

Parent/Teacher conferences have started.  We are so happy to have a chance to share with you.  If you have not yet signed up for a conference and would like to schedule one, please see your floor coordinator.  We have so much to tell you and we rarely have a quiet moment in which to do so, so allow us this privilege.  Your kids are great.  We want to tell you that!

Chelsey Pekham, infant/toddler specialist from the Child Care Council, spoke with us at our partnering with parent’s presentation on Biting Behavior this month.  Chelsea shared a great deal of information with us.  For those of you unable to attend this meeting, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to copy the handouts that she included for you.  Chelsea will be spending time in the classrooms observing and making suggestions to us on best practices for handling this age appropriate behavior and will also be presenting this topic to our staff at our November staff meeting.


Over the counter supplements and add-ins, such as Pedialite, Miralax, Culturelle probiotics, etc. CANNOT be brought to CCB mixed in bottles or sippy cups or left in the classrooms.

Our regulations require these items to be treated just like any other over the counter medication. Therefore, we need you to bring these in their original container or packet, complete a medication order, and CCB will administer at the time you have indicated you would like your child to receive.  These items should be taken to the SHCU where they will be kept until they are ready for administration.

You cooperation is critical to keep all of our children safe.  Knowing what is in a sippy cup or bottle is essential for us to ensure that YOUR child receives what is needed and that nothing gets in the hands of another child inadvertently.

OCFS has changed the child care regulations around comprehensive background checks for employees.

Cheesy Tortellini Bake

Cooking spray

2 pounds refrigerated cheese tortellini

3 cups marinara sauce

¼ cup chopped fresh parsley

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Chopped green onions, garnish (optional)

Preheat oven to 350. Spray 9x13in dish with cooking spray. Cook tortellini in large saucepan of boiling water until just tender, about 2 min. Drain. Add tortellini to prepared pan. Add marinara sauce and parsley, stir to combine and coat. Top tortellini mixture with the mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Cover pan with aluminum foil. Bake for 30 or until bubbly and cheeses melt.

  • All newly hired employees have to complete all background checks and OCFS has to receive the results of these checks prior to the first day of employment.
  • All current employees have to undergo recertification of background checks every 5 year.
  • The comprehensive background check now includes a search of the National Sex Offender Registry and national criminal record check with the FBI.

Cheesy Tortellini Bake

Cooking spray

2 pounds refrigerated cheese tortellini

3 cups marinara sauce

¼ cup chopped fresh parsley

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Chopped green onions, garnish (optional)

Preheat oven to 350. Spray 9x13in dish with cooking spray. Cook tortellini in large saucepan of boiling water until just tender, about 2 min. Drain. Add tortellini to prepared pan. Add marinara sauce and parsley, stir to combine and coat. Top tortellini mixture with the mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Cover pan with aluminum foil. Bake for 30 or until bubbly and cheeses melt.

September Newsletter

Dear Families,

We now feel complete!  Our whole, big, wonderful family fills our spaces.  We are in full swing at CCB. With all of our September families here, our programs are up and running and our terrific staff are using their observations and understanding of your children to guide lesson planning. 

Specialist Program

Our specialist program began this month.  Depending upon the age of your child and his/her enrollment, your son’s or daughter’s days will be enriched with classes in physical education with Tom, music with Makaily, and art with Art Barb.  Your teachers have the schedule of when these specialists work with your children, so check it out!

Feature Teacher

Emily, one of our Kindergarten teachers, is our feature teacher this month.  We were able to reschedule her fitness/exercise experiences that were missed last month, and she worked with the upstairs cluster on 9/30. One of Emily’s passions is living a healthy lifestyle, and she certainly was able to share and facilitate a joy in her interest for your children, with her, this month.

Special Events

Two wonderful days took place in September.  International Dot Day, celebrated on Sept. 13 and AppleFest, celebrated on Sept. 18th.  International Dot Day was inspired by the children’s book, entitled “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds.  We enjoyed the simplest things, like dot painting, to the larger concepts that the book shares of all children’s work being meaningful, from the smallest dot to the largest creation.  If you have not had a chance to read this story, it is a good one to share with your children.

Our AppleFest tradition was grand.  It was the perfect day…just the right amount of breeze, sunshine and temperature to enjoy this event.  In celebration of fall and in appreciation for allowing us to care for your children, September 18th was a blast.  AppleFest has been a tradition for many decades.  The anticipation is always great and the celebration even better.  Once again, we were entertained with music, hair braiding, Joy, our therapy dog, face painting, games, and bubble fun.  Angie’s bearded dragon and tortoises were new this year and a big hit, and our favorite pony rides were back again this year.  The food was delicious.  A special shout out to Kerri and Delia for cooking our favorite AppleFest foods, and a HUGE thank you to Sharon, one of our coaches, for the time and energy that went into organizing such a fabulous event and thinking of every last detail.

Safety Drills

For the safety of the children, we practice emergency prepared drills throughout the year.  Monthly, we practice fire evacuations, bi- annually, we practice Shelter in Place and Code Blue to allow us to be ready if you were not able to get to the Center and we were not able to leave (ex:  serious snow storm) or were not able to reenter the building after evacuating; quarterly, we practice Lock Down drills, to ensure the safety of your children in the unlikely event that a threat entered our site.  It is always good to practice with the hope of NEVER having to utilize these measures.  Based upon our practices, thus far, we are all getting much more comfortable and fast at their completion.

Flu Shots

CCB is pleased to be able to offer a flu clinic to anyone over 18 years of age, on October 23rd.  Nursing staff, from Flu Prevention Partners will be at CCB from 4 – 5:30.  Please consider taking advantage of this one-stop-shot opportunity.  FPP accepts the following insurances: BC/BS, Excellus, MVP, Cigna, Aetna, United Health Care, Universal, Independent Health, POMCO, LBS and Medicare.  For those with different plans or uninsured, the cost is $29.

Rochester Diaper Bank

CCB began collecting diapers in 2018.  Since we began, we have collected over 1522 diapers, thanks to all of you.  There is a great need in the Rochester community for diapers, and with the help and organization of the Junior League of Rochester, our contributions are making a difference.  Your continued support in this effort is appreciated.  Please consider donating any unused, out-grown diapers, pull ups, wipes and diaper cream to the Junior League of Rochester Diaper Bank.  CCB has a receptacle for gathering your diapers, located outside of the Garden Room, on the first floor.   Very soon, we are also going to host a diaper wrapping event!  So keep your eyes open for this information, keep the diapers coming, and come join the fun. Attached is some information on the diaper needs in our community and the way in which we can work together to help in this effort.

Parenting Village

I recently learned about this amazing organization from one of our parents.  I am passing along this information to you as it may not only be relevant to you but to someone you know:

Parenting Village is a non-profit organization in Rochester, and is a program of Jewish Family Services. Parenting Village programming is offered free of charge to anyone in our community who is an expecting, new or experienced caregiver looking for support and connection. Currently we have three branches to support families in our area:

·       Circles: professionally facilitated drop in support groups, which are offered several times a month and provide caregivers the opportunity to share their experiences with one another in a welcoming, supportive environment.

·       Nurture: a home-based peer support program for families with babies through the work of trained, dedicated volunteers.

·       Connection: ongoing events and gatherings in the community for families, from informal meetups to our annual festival connecting families with local resources.

We invite you to learn more about our mission and programming at or our Facebook page, Parenting Village-Rochester or reach out to Jen Tarolli at

Nurse’s Note

  • Illnesses, that your child may have been exposed to, will always be posted on the Parent Board in your child’s classroom.
  • Notices have been sent for new medication orders and expired medicines.  Please respond so there is not an interruption in medication administration should your child be in need.

Did you know??

  • CCB collects outgrown diapers for Rochester Diaper Bank?  The receptacle is in the CCB1 hallway next to the Garden Room.
  • CCB collaborates with SUNY Geneseo and its early childhood department to place students during their coursework experience.  This October and November, CCB will host 7 Geneseo students.  We are excited to provide a great staff, environment and practices from which to learn.

Recipe of the Month

Potato Sour Cream Muffins

8 oz. mashed potatoes

2 eggs lightly beaten

1 cup/8 fl. oz. milk

¾ cup sour cream

2 oz. butter melted

2 ½ cups all-purpose flour

2 ½ tsp baking powder

3 TB fresh chives, snipped

Place potato in a bowl. Add eggs, milk, sour cream and butter to the bow and mix well. Combine sifted flour, baking powder and chives. Add to potato mixture and mix well. Spoon mixture into six greased muffin tins (1 cup capacity) and bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes or until cooked and test with a skewer. The muffin will pull slightly away from the sides of the tin when done. Serve warm or cold.

August Newsletter

Dear families,

“Time flies when you are having fun.”   Is that why August seemed so short? We have had an exciting August that has gone by very fast.

   In the classrooms, we have started lesson planning this month.  Our teachers intentionally plan for your children’s environment, their developmental growth and concept development. We individualize activities for our infants to be sure that we are specifically meeting their diverse and growing needs.  For our toddlers and preschoolers, we support our curriculum by focusing on a theme topic and using this topic to generate ideas which support the five areas of development upon which our curriculum is based. We hope that you learned about this at our Open House evening earlier this month. We enjoyed sharing information about our day with you. There is SO much that goes into our day; it is always a treat to be able to take some unrushed time to explain and answer your questions. 

Our Community Swap was the icing on the evening.   Thank you to Jenny (1A) for organizing this event. Thank you for doing some summer cleaning to stock our swap, and we hope you found something gently used to take home. A new treasure…and perhaps next year it will become someone else’s!

Partnering with Parents presentation on Toilet Learning presented by Dr. Abby Kroenig, former parent and developmental pediatrician, was well attended.  She presented very relevant information on this topic.  Her power point is available for those of you who may have missed this event.  The big “take away” is that your child WILL learn to use the toilet, and there are many different approaches to accomplishing this.  For those who wanted a one right way, there simply is not one way to toilet train.  Here at CCB, we always want the children to be successful, hence there is no age by which children need to be toilet trained.  Listen to your children’s signs of readiness. They will let you know.

We practice a variety of evacuation drills throughout the year. This month we practiced Code Blue.  This is a drill that enables us to know where to go in case an unfortunate event prohibits us from remaining in our buildings.  Our CCB 1 children went to CCB 2 and vice versa. Should neither building be accessible, we have permission to go to the medical building next door.  Our gyms were our meeting places.  We were all safe and snug.  Next month we will practice Lockdown.  This drill is usually talked about at home as we do find a hiding spot in the classrooms, practice getting there, and hush the children.  Monthly, we practice fire drill evacuation, which is going quite smoothly.  As you know, you children’s safety is our priority. 

To end our summer fun, we had our annual bike day.  What a blast we had scootering, buggying, and biking around our CCB parking lots.  Thank you all for shlepping in your children’s vehicles.  This was so much fun and a beautiful sunny day to remember.

As summer is closing, we say goodbye to some of our families, new and old, who have been part of our community.  I recently received a letter from one such family, who wrote about ending a 10 year chapter with us.  They reminded me of all of the milestones that we have shared, all of the memories made, and all of the friendships formed.   To all of you, we wish you the best.  You are always part of our CCB family so be sure to stay in touch.  We have been honored to have been part of your family.

September brings a different pace to our school.  Our kindergarten and school age programs will begin after Labor Day, our specialist program will be added to your child’s day, your drop off and pick up times may extend to slightly earlier or later, bedtimes change, and we will welcome some new friends to our classrooms.  These are all positive changes, but no matter what the change, our kids will respond.  Consistency is our goal at the center.  That will always help the children through transitions.

Reminders and Recalls

  • We are delighted to see many of you visiting with each other at pick up time, on the hill outside of the infant play yards.  This a favorite gathering spot.  We do ask that you take special care, as this can also be unsafe. Your close supervision is requested so that all are safe as you enjoy running up and down on the hill. A fall or crash on the cement sidewalk, at the bottom of the hill, can really put a damper on a good day!

Nurse’s Note

  • We have had hand foot and mouth in the center and a variety of “Rochester” viruses.
  • We are teaching your children good hand washing habits.  This is great to reinforce at home before flu season.  Try handwashing to the happy birthday song!  We do.
  • Pick up time in the SHCU is at 5 PM.

Did you know??

Every month we feature a staff member who shares his/her interest with the children.  In August, Emily (Kindergarten) featured healthy exercise.  In September, Jessica (business office) will share music with us.

Your suggestions make a difference.  We try to partner with you, not only in the care of your children, but in what you might be interested in seeing in your child care center.  That is how our kindergarten was started, our cloth diaper service, and some of our in-service training day topics.  So let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Recipe of the Month

Crustless Cheese and Veggie Quiche

10 Eggs

2 Cups Cheese

½ cup Half and Half

Veggies of your choice

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Pre-heat oven to 350.

Chop and sauté veggies in a pan with a spray of oil.

Beat eggs in a bowl.

Add half and half, then salt and pepper. Add cheese and stir. Add veggies and mix well.

Prepare pan with cooking spray. Pour mixture into pan. Bake for 30 or until set.

July Newsletter

Hello, CCB Family!

It has been an eventful month.  We began our 2019-2020 program year in full swing on July 9th.  Over these past three weeks, we have gotten to know your children, their temperaments, their likes and dislikes, their routines and YOU!  This becomes even more comfortable over time as we ease into a relationship which partners with you to work in your child’ best interest.

We have spent lots of time utilizing our auxiliary spaces and have been enjoying great fun under sprinklers and hoses as we have been experiencing Rochester’s hot summer.  Hopefully, your children have been coming home a bit dirty and messier than when you dropped them off.  While we will always try to send your children home, changed and dry, our days of messy play show that we have been fully engaged and active!  Remember, CCB is the place to explore and try things that you wouldn’t even consider in your homeJ

At this time, the magic of the three-week adjustment has happened.  Except for those children who began after our July 9th start, we have noticed that the transition has happened.  We are seeing smiling faces, tearful separations lessening and friendships forming.  It is all a process of building trust and we are well on our way.

CCB2’s Camp Kids’ Power has enjoyed some great theme weeks like Spirit Week, Sports of All Sorts week, Let’s go Green week and Celebration of Nations.  Our campers have gone on walking field trips to Rita’s Italian Ice and Buckland Park.  We have had great fun making new friends and strengthening old friendships.

Our teachers spend time last week calling you to welcome you to the year and to answer any questions that you may have.  You will have a longer and more in-depth opportunity to learn about the curriculum and routine of the day at our Open House (August 15th) and during conference time in the fall. 

As you know, your child’s safety is so important to us.  Doyle Security manages our door code.  They have ordered a new strike plate for the CCB1 building as the current one is not locking and releasing the front door correctly.  It should arrive and be installed within a week.  As always, but particularly at this time, we will be extra careful as we monitor CCB1’s front door.

Building community is a large focus of our work here at the Center.  We hope that you had a chance to participate in our Welcome Ice Cream social and meet other CCB families and/or had a fun night at CCB’s Red Wings Night.  A quick shout out to Kerri and Delia, our cooks, who lovingly made us their famous fruited frozen yogurt pops for the ice cream social and to Tom, our Camp Kids’ Power camp coordinator for organizing Red Wings Night.  Throughout the year, we plan a variety of events at different times and on different days for family involvement in the Center.  We recognize that you are very busy, and offer these events as opportunities to be part of your child’s early years here at CCB, to build communication and community; we vary days and times in hopes that there might be a match to your schedule and an event that interests you and one which you are able to take advantage. Please don’t feel pressured to participate in all, but available if you choose.

With this in mind, we do have some upcoming events to call to your attention…

  • August 6:  Toilet Learning 4:30 – 5:30 PM   Presenter Dr. Abby Kroening
  • August 15:  Open House and Community Swap  6:30 – 7:45
  • September 18:  APPLEFEST  4:30 – 6:00

Our August events are sure to be informative.  Due to the nature of the event, these are for parents.  Baby -sitting is available for 8/15.

Applefest is a have to!!!  It is a tradition that has been going on for over 3 decades.  This event is our way of giving back to you for allowing us the privilege of caring for your children.  More information to follow, but DEFINITELY mark your calendar.

New and Good

Our floor installation is in process.  Thank you for your patience as the installation is being complete.   We are very excited about our new look!

CCB2 parking lot has been replaced.  On the hottest of day, Tobey Paving ripped apart the lot, took away the old asphalt and like magic, created a beautiful new lot for us. This was great fun for us to watch.

Nurse’s Note

  • We have had a very healthy start to this year.  We have experienced some short-lived viruses, but otherwise, we have been quite well.
  • All medications need current orders to be administered.  If you received a notice to update your child’s medication order, please do so in a timely manner so that Isa is able to administer the medication should there be a need.

Did you Know??

  • CCB represents over a dozen different nationalities.  We are so diverse and so proud!
  • CCB collects items that you no longer need for our Community Swap (same night as Open House).  This is a “contribute some and take some” event.  All left over items are donated to local organizations in need.
  • CCB collects diapers that your children have outgrown and donates them to Rochester’s diaper bank.  Receptacle is located at CCB1.

Recipe of the Month

Kerri and Delia’s Famous Frozen Yogurt Pops


Vanilla yogurt

Frozen berries of choice


  1. Mix together desired amount.
  2. Put into Dixie cups with Popsicle stick.
  3. Freeze overnight.  ENJOY!

June Newsletter

Dear Families,

As we are approaching our last day of this program (June 28th), I sit composing the final newsletter of the year and I am taking time to reflect.  It is always a bittersweet feeling to end a year.  We have been involved with so many wonderful children, parents and staff.  The connections we have made are strong.  There is great comfort in having bonded with your children and knowing their likes and dislikes, their temperament, their needs, and helping them develop and grow over this year.  There is great comfort in the ease with which we have developed our relationships with you, knowing your parenting styles and your expectations.  There is great comfort in having built a community of early childhood educators that has come together to support our families and embrace our vision.

We get to start this all over againJ.   We welcome the opportunity and are confident that as we make our way through change and transition, we will accomplish the same great comfort this upcoming year as we have this past year.  We will trust the process of good communication and time, to build all of our relationships so we can look forward to another successful CCB year. 

 Some of you will not be returning to play and learn with us.  You will be missed, and our hope is that you stop in to visit us.  We wish you well in whatever you do and wherever it is that the next steps take you.  CCB is your family.  Once a CCBer, always a CCBer!

Let’s look together at our year in review.  We have done so much together!  WE HAVE…

  • Celebrated special events like AppleFest, Month of the Young Child, Special Person’s Tea, and Family Art Hour.
  • Collected over 800 diapers for Rochester Diaper Bank
  • Swapped “my’ stuff for “your” stuff at our Community swap
  • Learned about the intentional developmental curriculum through Preview Night and Open House
  • Shared color days, favorite days and PJ days
  • Climbed into Mighty Trucks
  • Exercised, raced, splashed in water and cheered each other on our 4th Field Day
  • Welcomed new friends and teachers into our lives
  • Said goodbye to much loved friends and teachers Celebrated the joys of new babies being born and welcomed them into our CCB family.
  • Had fun and learned so much during FEATURE TEACHER days
  • Learned how to take turns, compromise and problem solve
  • Mastered skills like rolling, crawling, standing, walking, climbing steps, swinging, cutting with scissors, eating with utensils
  • Grown from using diapers to the potty, eating in highchairs to table, sleeping in cribs to cots
  • Gotten really messy as we have explored art, goop, and mud
  • Shared 5:00 fruit snack
  • Taken responsibility for our play spaces by helping to clean up, wash table and have classroom jobs
  • Kissed boo boos
  • Tried new foods like pineapple whip and raisin French toast
  • Learned that it is OK to say who can touch our bodies
  • Been part of our larger community by creating Valentines for The Gables, and donating uneaten food to the homeless

For those of you returning, we hope to see you on Monday, July 8th during our family Meet and Greet Open House from 3:30 – 5:00PM.  Feel free to bring all of your child’s gear with you (minus filled bottles) so that we can put everything away ahead of time to ease your drop off on our first day.

A few year-end reminders:

  • We respectfully request that all of your child’s personal items (clothes, blankets, diapers, pacifiers, sunscreen, etc.) be taken home at the end of the year.  We do not want these items to get misplaced during our massive reorganization over Shut Down.   When you return, please bring these items back with you.
  • The Center is closed July 1st – July 8th.  We will reopen and warmly welcome your family July 9th.
  • BE PATIENT… The transition to a new program year takes time.  We will do everything we can to help make your and your child’s beginning go smoothly.  We have found that it takes three full weeks for the children to bond with their new teachers and for us to work out some of the kinks associated with a new year.  We are ready…we will, along with our partnership with you, make the 2019-2020 year an amazing one!

“A neighborhood is a place that takes care of you.” (Fred Rogers)

A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU for your continuous support, trust in each of us, and being part of our “neighborhood.”  We have been enriched by your children.  They have given great meaning to our work.  Being part of your child’s early years has been thrilling.  We value the time we have spent with your family and know that we have become better teachers and caregivers because of it.

We hope you all enjoy a great vacation.  Rest up, relax and enjoy your children.  They are wonderful.

With love,