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We are always finding fun, new ways to keep your children, and you, engaged! Below is a calendar with all our events for the month along with some brief explanations of each activity.

Partnering with Parents- Toilet Learning: This is a parent only event during CCB’s regular hours. Join Dr. Kroening to learn about signs of potty readiness and the process for toilet learning.

Open House: This is an afterhours CCB parent and teacher only event. This is our opportunity to educate parents in a formal way about the early childhood educational program we offer the children each and every day while you are at work. It is also a great opportunity to meet the parents of the other children in the class.

Community Swap: This is a parent only event in conjunction with Open House. Families are encouraged to donate any items in advance (children’s clothes, shoes, gear; toys; outdoor gear; household items) or take any items in this sharing based CCB community event. All of the left-over items from the Swap will go to local charities.

Bike Day: This is an in school event for children and teachers to ride wheeled objects from home. Parents are encouraged to bring in ride-on toys, tricycles, scooters, or bicycles for their child to ride at a designated time at school. This is a great large motor activity for all ages. Preschoolers and school-agers will also be learning about bike and helmet safety.

Water Water Everywhere Week: This is a CCB in school event for all children and teachers. Water play can be a fun summer activity and also allows children the opportunity to practice many valuable skills. Water offers endless opportunity for physical experiments and discoveries. Children may have already investigated wood, dirt, sand, rocks, and other dry substances. But what happens when these substances are mixed, sifted or dropped with water? Children also have the opportunity to think about concepts like water displacement and volume as they explore in a body of water. Water supports a variety of life forms like fish and frogs, so water play can lead to new biological adventures as well! (Pathways.org)

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