Click the dates below to open a PDF of the week’s menu

Menu: Click below to open a PDF of this week’s menu

4/15- 4/19

Cheese Sandwiches will be given as a substitute lunch if your child dislikes lunch of the day. FOODS ARE ADDITIVE FREE, IF POSSIBLE. Milk is served daily with AM snack and Lunch, water is served with PM snack, and throughout the day. (Milk substitute: Silk Soy Milk) Whenever possible we use fresh fruits and vegetables. Whole wheat products are used if age appropriate.

4/8 – 4/12
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  ThursdayFriday  
AM SnackSliced Peaches
VG Cinnamon Raisin Bread
VG Blueberry Oatmeal
Apple Slices
VG Banana Bread
Cheese Cubes
Assorted Cereal
Dairy Sub.DF Cheese DF Yogurt
Soy Sub.     
Gluten Sub. (GF)     
Vegetarian Sub.     
Vegan Sub. (V)VG CheeseVG Yogurt
Infant Sub. 
LunchBBQ Chicken
Tater Tots
Corn and Pepper Blend
Diced Pears
Hearty VG Lentil Stew
Dinner Rolls
Diced Carrots
Cinnamon Pan Pancakes
Turkey Sausage
Green Beans
Pineapple Chunks
Tortellini w/ Red Sauce
Salad w/ Italian Dressing
Seasoned Asparagus
Chicken Noodle Soup
Cheese Sandwiches on Wheat
Green Peas
Dairy Sub.DF Pancakes DF PastaDF Cheese
Soy Sub.     
Gluten Sub. (GF)     
Vegetarian Sub.BBQ JackfruitVG SausageTofu Noodle Soup
Vegan Sub. (V)BBQ JackfruitVG Sausage/
VG PastaTofu Noodle Soup/VG Cheese
Infant Sub.   
PM SnackFruit Salad
VG Carrot Cake
3 Bean Salad
String Cheese
Wheat Crackers
Rice Cakes
Strawberry Spread
Animal Crackers
Bany Carrots
WOW Butter
Dairy Sub.DF Spread
Soy Sub.     
Gluten Sub. (GF)     
Vegetarian Sub.     
Vegan Sub. (V)VG Spread
Infant Sub.Rice Cakes/Sliced CheeseSoft Pretzels/
Cooked Carrots