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Play is vital to the growth of young children; children of all ages learn through play. Play is the way children actively and meaningfully learn about their world and gain social, cognitive, motor, language and emotional skills. We feel that our philosophy regarding play is supported by research and theory on active learning, and we base our programs for all ages on this concept.

Young children actively learn by observing and engaging with other children and adults around them.  Socialization and exploration of the environment allow  children to add meaning to their world, developing trust and confidence.  Through interaction, children build their foundation to social competence and school success.

All Inclusive Curriculum

We are committed to providing the children with an awareness of and exposure to differences and similarities. Helping children embrace inclusion and acceptance is our focus. We do this by having a diverse staff and emphasizing these concepts.

  • Everyone deserves respect;
  • Everyone is important and capable;
  • Everyone has feelings;
  • Culture comes from parents and family;
  • There are different kinds of families;
  • Families live in different ways;
  • Together we build a community.

Guidance And Behavior Management

Our goal is to provide positive approaches to behavior management. Our belief is that children learn self control best when they have caring adult role models who understand children and accept the premise that it is all right to feel angry, upset, or frustrated; however, it is not all right to hurt ourselves or others, whether physically or verbally, when we are expressing our feelings.

Clear and definite limits are established for each group with the help of the children whenever appropriate. When problems arise, teachers help children solve their problems by recognizing their feelings, talking with the children in “I” language, stating the desired behavior, giving reasons for the desired behavior and guiding the children to an acceptable solution. We believe that it is extremely important for young children to learn how to problem solve and resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner. We further believe that the best way of helping children express themselves in an appropriate way is by providing an environment which is respectful and adults who listen and help to build self-esteem and confidence in children through support and guidance.

We have found that this approach is effective and easily modified to meet the needs of each age group. At the core of this philosophy is the basic premise that children want to cooperate and need adults to help guide them in self-control, tolerance, and understanding.

Additional Programs

CCB embraces a diversity of programming to enhance our curriculum. We value this added enrichment for the children in our care. Staff members, with areas of expertise, have provided on going programs in art, gym, music, and Outdoors/Nature Exploration which are included with tuition. We have also worked with a variety of community programs to bring dance and soccer to our Center. These programs’ fees vary and are paid directly to the director of the program. Participation in our additional programs are offered as they become age appropriate for your child. Programs may vary year to year.

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Program Goals

We, at The Children’s Center of Brighton, have developed our philosophy based on years of experience working with young children, on ideas endorsed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, on criteria guiding Pathways National Early Education and Care Accreditation, and on current research and theory in early childhood education.

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